Never Alone

In Psalms 118:6 it says ” The Lord is with me, I will not be afraid…” It’s a great reminder that wherever we are, we are never alone – though we face trials and difficulties. A fact that we can hold on to is that God will never abandon us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6) in every battle that we face and even if we can’t see Him, we can feel His presence through the people or events that He uses to move in and through us.

Our feeding program is just one of the numerous reminders that we are not meant to live this life alone. We thank all the volunteers for sharing with us their valuable time and lots of energy as we go to Camp 7 and feed 600 children. Our gratitude goes to our supporters who are faithfully blessing the children and their families with nutritious food.

The message for the children is to remove their anxieties in the unknown future and trust a known God for everything. They were made to realize that there is a God who is bigger than their problems, their concerns, and much bigger than poverty! It was a fun-filled day spent with the children who were very receptive to our coming. Kudos to their teachers who willingly assisted us!

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Beyond Resources Control


Harvard Business School defines entrepreneurship as the pursuit of opportunities beyond resources control. It means that the amount of resources is not a determinant of one’s pursuit of greater things. We believe that this definition is not just meant for entrepreneurship but also for academic excellence.

Our twin scholars could surely attest to that! There was a financial challenge in their family as the school year 2013-2014 started and through our partners’ support, we were able to provide educational assistance to the twins. As the school year ended, all their labor and hard work were surely rewarded! They were part of the overall roster of honor students in Grade 8.  Erika is top 2 and Joy is top 8!  The resources were limited for the two but it did not stop them from pursuing greater things, greater opportunities in life. One more important thing to remember is that they did it all for the Lord, keeping in mind this verse as they go through the school year:


Truly, all your support paid off. Their testimony is a proof that we can excel regardless of certain limitations surrounding us… and together, we can make a difference. Thank you for covering them with prayers and for supporting their education.





Next Gen

Children could have various influences; there are many words, philosophies, events, and experiences that could enter their young sponge-like minds. So we have to be careful on the things we pass on to them. We have a responsibility to mould them into quality change makers and ones who would be able to live their lives well.

The Psalmist says in Psalm 78:4 that “…We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his powers and the wonders He has done.” And that’s what we keep on doing – letting these children know the truth about God and the things He did, He does, and He will do in our lives so as to spark the hope in their hearts and increase their faith that God is able to do amazing things.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development in coordination with Feed Hope organized a mass feeding program and giving of goods. A total of 75 street children were gathered at the Silungan Center for a short program prepared by the organizers.




Nothing beats blessing the children who would be the future of our land. We should never stop to pursue a better future for them and we start first with shaping their mindset with the truth from the Word of God.



When you hear the word unconditional, what primarily comes to mind? One might have heard of Katy Perry’s hit song entitled Unconditional; on one hand, others might claim to  have given love unconditionally as a firsthand experience; on the other hand, others might confess to have received such. Regardless of how you would associate the word unconditional to different aspects of your life, you cannot argue that it has always been associated with the word LOVE. Since February is a love month, let us draw more on the One who loved us first, who enables us to love others… to the One who gives genuine unconditional love.

Love in itself has so many definitions, but the Bible gives the definite ones. As we read the book of Romans, we would like to highlight two definitions of love and retell our stories this love month!

Love must be sincere. Romans 12:9

The school year is about to come to an end – another year of fun learning, another year that we were given an opportunity to be a blessing and to speak words of blessing in the lives of these children. This month, we were joined by Valdez Charitable, one of our faithful partners. They are a group of doctors who supports Feed Hope in all its endeavors.

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Sincerity is a by-product of genuine love, unlike popular belief that sincerity should come first in order to love others. It’s something that comes out naturally when you have genuine love…you don’t have to work it out because it will definitely be felt by the receiver as the giver exhibits it. It is our hope to make the children feel the sincerity of our labor and love, through the feeding of their tummies, and filling in their spiritual hunger through values formation activities which will establish their foundations.


Love does no harm to a neighbor. Romans 13:10

On the last week of Feb, our Bite of Hope scholars received an allowance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).


This one tells it all. We don’t love someone and wish the worst thing to happen in their lives; loving someone is also hoping the best for them – rejoicing with them in triumph, being with them in times of defeat and uplifting them in the moments of anguish. We’d like to see the ones that we love to prosper in what they do, to hit their calling in life, and to live this life in the fullest. We aim that they become better everyday and become agents of better change in the people around them and in the future. These children are our key to a great future ahead, and we pray in our hearts that the goodness they receive would be contagious in their family, in school, in their community.

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Each moment is given to us to lead people back where Unconditional Love awaits them. Not only during love month do we have the license to talk about love; in fact, every day we have the liberty to speak of it because we experience it day by day. As each morning brings new hope, each one delivers an everlasting message of love.


The God Who Protects

“…For He is the living God

And he endures forever;

His kingdom will not be destroyed,

 His dominion will never end.

He rescues and he saves;

He performs signs and wonders

In the heavens and the earth.

He has rescued Daniel

From the power of the lions.”

Daniel 6:26-27

In the pit of danger and threat, Daniel made a stand to never bow down any other God. When the king’s decree seemed all powerful and aggressive, he was not intimidated by the perils that await his decision, for he was yet to prove that he believes in a God who’s way incomparable to the rest of the gods believed to exist.

This January, we were joined by volunteers in our Taste of Hope Program in Sto. Tomas. Also, we were privileged to be helped by one of our partners from Saudi Arabia and visited by our partners in Baguio City. It was such a remarkable experience.


The children were always so ready to play games! We played Pass the Message and though the messages changed when it reached the end of the line, nothing could change or even replace the joy in each one’s heart as they achieve the goal of winning. The winning team gets a free taho (courtesy of our volunteer who sells taho for a living).


The energy seemed unlimited. So we incorporated a game in the Bible story with three characters – Daniel, King, Lion – each character was represented by a group and they were supposed to create a sound each time the name was mentioned during the story telling. The children learned that making a stand for the right things especially when it comes to God and our convictions would be remarkably rewarded. They also learned that our God protects us from harm and evil. And that if we make a decision to do what’s right, others would see the faithfulness of God in our lives just like what happened to the king who was astonished by the God of Daniel. After witnessing what happened, the king declared the aforementioned verses.

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It has been proven through ages that God is a God who protects. We’d like to thank all of you who include us in your daily prayers to be continually covered by His protection; and most especially for praying for these children – that they may always be safe and healthy, and that they may grow up with convictions as they continue this life’s journey.

Never cease praying.

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Hope in the Streets

The Department of Social Welfare and Development in the city of Baguio is now in partnership with Feed Hope as its accredited outreach arm for the street children. Having known that Feed Hope is reaching out to street kids when it was introduced during the Social Welfare and Development Learning Network meeting, we were immediately invited to participate in one of its upcoming events.

Last Thursday, our program director shared about compassion for the street kids during the DSWD’s “Orientation on the Protocol to Reach Out to Street Children”. He was able to impart our activities to the barangay officials of Baguio, Department of Interior and Local Government officials, National Muslim Affairs officials, together with the Women and Child Protection Department of the PNP. Feed Hope was welcomed into the pool of concerned government organizations who would be systematically reaching out, mentoring, and processing street children towards a vision of bringing these children home, reconciling them with their families, taking care of those who don’t have any families to come home to, giving hope in every moment we could.

Truly, our efforts were never wasted. Though at first it seemed that there’s no evident fruit, now we realized that it was the moment that God is preparing the seed for more produce. At this point, we see that the seed is now blossoming into a plant that’s full of potential of bearing much and much fruits in the future. Thank you for believing with us and for standing with us in prayers as we see the seeds that we plant blossom into its fullest growth til it could bear unimaginable crops that the next generation and the generations to come will harvest in the future.  Image

Signed, Sealed, DELIVERED!

Stevie Wonders’ famous song (Signed, Sealed, Delivered) resounds in my head as we were about to write this entry. True enough, the lyrics say:

“…you set my soul on fire
That’s why I know you’re my heart’s only desire…”

Though it speaks of a girl, it can be made true in our desire to help because this is what fuels us in our pursuits – whether great or small. The passion in our hearts to give to the community and to help those in need set our soul on fire and your assistance and encouragement keeps the fire ever burning.

Through God’s provisions, your help, and the presence of our volunteers, we were able to deliver the donations to Operation Blessing in Pasig. We met with the officials of OB and other volunteers from other organizations. 9504_771690156179244_310566850_n 1003941_771690252845901_81211449_n 1450226_771690042845922_42373639_n 1451527_771690182845908_702043657_n 1452411_771690046179255_621779662_n 1468770_771690119512581_2060533344_n 1477443_771690236179236_877442080_n 1480616_771690032845923_176985007_n 1003922_10201695955338736_1833431324_njh