Feed Hope operates on three main programs namely: Taste of Hope, Bite of Hope, and Touch of Hope. All our programs are addressed to the poor and needy, focusing on the children and their families. The delivery of each program varies from each other but the goal remains the same: to awaken the hope in this life in each person’s heart, and to make known to them the real source of Hope.

The programs are our ticket to share the Gospel to the people. We believe that more than their physical hunger, there is a greater longing for spiritual fulfillment and that could only be found in Jesus. In every program, we always include our life coaching and we present it in various forms depending on our crowd. It includes mentoring and guidance based on the Bible. Bible stories are done for children while Bible studies and biblical teachings are prepared for the parents and the whole family. Our programs are as follows:

Taste of Hope – Feeding Program

Bite of Hope – Scholarship Program

Touch of Hope – Medical Assistance Program

Each one seeks to serve the immediate and apparent needs of the people but more than that, each one is a mean to address their greatest need (which encompasses all the needs in life)– a real and lasting relationship with God.



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