Hope in the Streets

The Department of Social Welfare and Development in the city of Baguio is now in partnership with Feed Hope as its accredited outreach arm for the street children. Having known that Feed Hope is reaching out to street kids when it was introduced during the Social Welfare and Development Learning Network meeting, we were immediately invited to participate in one of its upcoming events.

Last Thursday, our program director shared about compassion for the street kids during the DSWD’s “Orientation on the Protocol to Reach Out to Street Children”. He was able to impart our activities to the barangay officials of Baguio, Department of Interior and Local Government officials, National Muslim Affairs officials, together with the Women and Child Protection Department of the PNP. Feed Hope was welcomed into the pool of concerned government organizations who would be systematically reaching out, mentoring, and processing street children towards a vision of bringing these children home, reconciling them with their families, taking care of those who don’t have any families to come home to, giving hope in every moment we could.

Truly, our efforts were never wasted. Though at first it seemed that there’s no evident fruit, now we realized that it was the moment that God is preparing the seed for more produce. At this point, we see that the seed is now blossoming into a plant that’s full of potential of bearing much and much fruits in the future. Thank you for believing with us and for standing with us in prayers as we see the seeds that we plant blossom into its fullest growth til it could bear unimaginable crops that the next generation and the generations to come will harvest in the future.  Image


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