Taste of Hope

One of our major programs is the Taste of Hope, wherein feeding programs are conducted for the poor children and their families. It covers individuals who are in need of proper nourishment such as malnourished students (as identified by the school) and indigent families (as identified by the barangay). This program is conducted in cooperation with the adopted school and the office of the barangay. They are the ones who help us identify the children and families who will be engaged in the activities; they also see to it that the beneficiaries will be present on the scheduled dates and assist us in the delivery of the program.  We acknowledge their vital role in the things that we do for they bridge the gap between us and the people that they are working with.

We carry out the Taste of Hope to two groups of people:

  • Malnourished Pupils – at the beginning of each school year, the schools conduct an annual height and weight check up. The data gathered from this school program serves as our basis in identifying the students who scored low in their Body Mass Index (BMI) and therefore categorized as undernourished and even the ones who are in the borderline. The teachers keep a record of these students and refer them to the Taste of Hope program. We keep track of the progress of these students all throughout the school year while they are being housed in the program.

Alongside with the in-school feeding program which we do three times a week, we have a schedule for life coaching once a week. This is our opportunity to give a biblical counsel to their issues and problems in school and at home.

  • Indigent Families (Community) – aside from the micro level, we have a macro level feeding program. There are children who are not able to go to school because of poverty and so if we limit our programs in school, we would be missing out on the next generation change-makers who are confined in their homes because their parents could not send them to school; we would be missing out on the families who live below the poverty line and need assistance in their day-to-day living. We decided to adopt families in the communities through the assistance of the barangay officials who willingly refer the ones whom they consider to need the feeding programs.

Bible studies are conducted in the homes of these families once a week.

A healthy child or a healthy family who have biblical truths to live with is worth a gem. A healthy child or a healthy family has no sense at all if they would not acknowledge the real source of their being ‘healthy.’



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