Questions and Answers

Questions imply answers. If God has put something in my heart, then He must hold the answers in His. I will seek them from Him. I will wait, but not until I have knocked. I will be patient but not until I have asked. I will seek until I find. He has something for me. My prayers shall go up unto the God of my life. – George MacDonald, Unspoken Sermons

The generation right now has lots of questions in mind. Some seek for answers in many places not from the right source and so their questions breed further queries and they end up frustrated and all the more confused. For a young mind to be exposed to a life which lacks many physical provisions, questions of hope and direction usually arise. We were glad to meet young people who eventually became our Feed Hope scholars – who came to know God and embraced the full truth that He is the provider of all things.

We had the weekly meeting with the Bite of Hope scholars who were under the educational assistance program this school year. They were encouraged to continually do their best not only in their academics but in all aspects of their lives, surrendering the best to God. They also submitted their quarterly grades and whoah, weren’t they really blessed with intelligence? Our investments are instruments to have their questions answered.IMG_1054 IMG_1056


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