A Chord of Three Strands

A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.

Countless moments of our lives are meant to be shared and would be made more meaningful if not kept to ourselves. In times of triumph, it is great to share the joy to the ones we value the most. In trying times, it lightens the load if the burden is shared. In our pursuits of our passions and dreams, part and parcel of our success is the role of the individuals surrounding us – whether their contribution is grand as the ocean or as seemingly insignificant as the morning dew – we cannot neglect the fact that life is lived momentously if shared. The Bible in Ecclesiastes 4:12 clearly supports this saying that two are good but three is even better.

One – The Children

On a chilly weekend of August, a bunch of enthusiastic children opened the gates of Sto. Tomas Elementary School for our Taste of Hope program.

"We're awake, alert, alive, enthusiastic!"

“We’re awake, alert, alive, enthusiastic!”

Moreover, volunteers joined us despite the gloom in the sky. Ate Carol’s cell group joined us in the life mentoring with the kids and they prepared the games and the Bible story.

Ate Carol's energetic cell group members

Ate Carol’s energetic cell group members

The activity started with a simple prayer led by Kuya Pancho. The children, having formed in them the posture of praying, automatically bowed their heads, closed their eyes and put their hands together when told that it was already time to pray.

"Let us pray..."

“Let us pray…”

As our morning booster, we started out with fun games! The volunteers prepared a series of role plays which the children would watch and determine whether the action done by the characters portrayed were right or wrong. The children were also asked to explain briefly why they deem the action as such. Another exciting part? The one who answers correctly gets a prize! Everyone was earnestly watching the scenes and eagerly raised their hands at the signal.

IMG_0797 IMG_0802

Two – The Volunteers

We prepared another role play for the story telling. As one of the highlights of the program, the volunteers brought with them a very simple scenario in the Bible with a great message attached to it. It was the moment when a sinful woman was being judged by the people in town and Jesus intervened. He told them that whoever has not sinned to courageously pick up a stone and throw it to the woman and everyone left.

IMG_0809 IMG_0808The children were told that we should exert our best effort to do what is pleasing in God’s eyes. Also, they were reminded that even if we have sinned in the past, Jesus is willing to forgive us and He gives a way for mankind to have a better path in life. And lastly, they were advised not to judge other people for it is not right.

Some of the parents helped us also during the hand washing and of course, the barangay officials prepared a sumptuous food for everybody. This program was really a result of people coming together having the same heart and having the same passion and vision for these children. We were really blessed for an alumna of the elementary school who’s now a professional graced the event with additional food for the students and the volunteers.

IMG_0830 IMG_0806

Three – God

IMG_0847We gathered them again for the prayer before eating and we had Dennis, a grade five student, as our volunteer. We thanked God for the blessings we were about to receive and we prayed that the children and their families would be blessed abundantly.

IMG_0853 IMG_0852 IMG_0873 IMG_0871God is the main ingredient for everything we do. We acknowledge that without His grace and favor upon His children, we would not be able to this activity and reach out to the students’ lives. It is Him who enables us to do great pursuits all for the sake of His glory. And we believe that it is Him who would make the seeds planted in the children’s heart to grow and bear fruits.

The children, the people who help, and God as the main source = cannot be easily broken. 


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