What Is Right

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right…. Parents do not exasperate your children; instead bring them up in the training and instructions of the Lord.

Ephesians 6:1,3

The good relationship at home is like the sunlight and water that the seed needs in order to grow. The presence or the lack of it determines whether the seed will survive or perish. The seed is the child that has been sown into the family and it is of great importance that each one knows how to nourish them.

Our Taste of Hope program for the malnourished pupils in Sto. Tomas Elementary School runs three times a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Last Friday, we conducted our scheduled life mentoring to the pupils and to their mothers as well.

Right Meal
We evaluate the performance of these children in school, how they perform academically and how they do physically. The aim is to lift them up out of malnutrition and to raise them as healthy, God-loving kids. So we serve them healthy food for lunch. This Friday’s menu: our Manna pack (protein pack) and veggies!

our Friday lunch with the children and their mommies...

our Friday lunch with the children and their mommies…

Right Time

Paul must have been prophetic to have foreseen that relationships in the family would soon be prone to strains and stress. Or maybe, it was the case during his time already. Whatever holds true, the fact that foundations and roles in the family should be laid down carefully and properly should be kept in mind and in practice. The time to speak the truth to the families we minister to is NOW.

waiting to be filled with pupils

waiting to be filled with pupils

Right Crowd

This does not imply that there is such a thing as wrong crowd. We value the children for they hold the future of this generation, their actions will determine the path that this society will tread. As young as they are, they should know that their parents are God-given and it is just right to obey them. We gave an emphasis on the word obedience and we encouraged the children to head their parents’ teachings not out of fear but out of love. They were delighted for in their eyes, they seem to value their parents so much.



Right Response

It was our first life mentoring with the mothers and we believe that it is vital to let them know their roles in the family especially to the lives of their children. Most of us (volunteers) are not parents yet and maybe we could not comprehend completely their situation as a mother and a wife. Nevertheless, we do know that the real guide to parenting is the Bible and so we shared Ephesians 6:3. Due to circumstances in life, parents give their children a hard time as well. Instead of protecting and shielding them from possible harm, they are the ones inflicting it – whether intentional or not. The aforementioned obedience should not be taken advantage. The Bible teaches us to raise up children with wisdom and with the guidance that is according to God’s ways. It is a good reminder to the mothers to all the more love their children by bringing them closer to God and ushering them in their walk of faith.

61219_699498223398438_1783457509_n 581710_699498060065121_1512234108_n

Through our life mentoring last Friday, it is our hope to renew their thoughts about their God-given roles in the family.

The seed needs to grow under the right amount of sunlight and water. When it grows properly, it would soon become a tree that will bear fruits and benefit many.


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