Where Is Freedom?

Philosophers, psychologists, existentialists, and a number of thinkers have dedicated their lives in their discourses concerning freedom. Due many view points that are available in the pool of academic literature, one might get so confused with what freedom really is. They would argue that in perfect circumstances, it could be attained. Is there really such a concept as freedom? If it does exist, where could we possibly find it and experience it wholly?

The Bible has one truth that we could always rely on; what it says about freedom encompasses all that has been written. It says in Corinthians 3:17:

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

Ahh… sweet truth! No matter how many times it has been sung in songs, preached on Sundays, and read in articles, nothing compares to this statement when it is experienced first hand. One can experience real freedom when he lives in the Lord – that’s the very plain message of the verse.

Alongside with our community feeding programs in Sto. Tomas, we also have our feeding program in Pacdal in a small community of informal settlers. For two weeks, we’ve been having our feeding program on Saturday afternoon. Unlike in the school feeding where the children come in their best possible clothes, the children in Pacdal join the activity in their plain (sometimes torn) clothes.

Week 1:

We started to use the Manna pack and decided to be creative about the viand. The children loved it! We started the program with a simple prayer, imparting to them the importance of being grateful to God for everything. Good thing about these children, they really know how to appreciate the simple things.


…lining up with their spoons and plates…


fun time while eating!

We also met an infant who was having a problematic skin condition and we gave a certain amount to attend to his medicines. His mother was delighted and was so grateful for the provision.

IMG_0386Week 2:

For a habit to be formed, the action must be performed over and over again. Prayer should be a habit, part of one’s lifestyle. The children were very participative whenever we invite them to pray. They automatically put their hands together (in a praying position) as we gather them around our make-shift table.


meet Ate Lolly, our magnificent cook!


the manna and the saucy afritada


eating time!

We received a good news, the baby is in good condition now. He was sleeping when we arrived so we did not bother to take a picture for we might just wake him up. Our God is not just a mighty provider but a faithful healer!

Who says freedom can only be found in flawless places and circumstances? Freedom is here already because the Spirit of the Lord dwells among us. Circumstances will never be perfect but a relationship with God will help us see things in a different light. Impoverished societies should not await the circumstances in their lives to be ideal before they can experience freedom because the Bible says that where He dwells, there is freedom!


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